Sanjeev Bhanot

From a small desert town called Dungargarh in Rajasthan to the alpine slopes of Switzerland, it has been a long but beautiful journey for Sanjeev Bhanot, the founder of Yogalife Foundation. Today, Sanjeev facilitates progressive yogic wisdom through dynamic classes, retreats and training across Europe and Asia. As a little boy, Sanjeev got to know the saddhus and mystics of Dungargarh who introduced him to yoga at the tender age of five. Sanjeev has been spreading the magic of yoga throughout the world for more than 20 years. In 1990, Sanjeev earned a degree in Biology and Chemistry (BSc) and learned traditional Naturopathy in Delhi. Since 1992, Sanjeev has worked as a professional yoga trainer/therapist. The pleasant aura that surrounds him is testimony to years of practice devoted to understanding physiology and psychology of the human body. His knowledge and intuition toward human anatomy gives his teaching a special depth. Sanjeev's yoga transforms the way you look at life, making you more positive, healthy and totally empowered. His career has included working with international organizations such as the UN, World Bank, Nokia/Siemens and Microsoft. He trained teachers for Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center in California, and coached Julia Roberts during the making of Eat, Pray, Love. Now, he is launching his own style of yoga: Antastha yoga, as a way of giving the benefits of meditation through Hatha yoga.

Poonam Sharma

Poonam started in 1996 with formal training as a yoga and meditation teacher first with the Yogalife Foundation and then with the Bihar School of Yoga. She is following a yoga tradition, which combines ancient wisdom and modern science. Since 2001, she has been teaching yoga professionally in India and in Switzerland. She has taught in many international organizations and corporations such as the World Metrological Organization, UNHCR, IFRC, WHO, Webster University and Proctor & Gamble, Geneva. Poonam brings a calm clarity to her yoga classes. With her gentle coaching, she heightens an inner awareness to listen to oneself. She understands the needs of the students and is able to encourage a person to go to the highest level of his or her ability, often far beyond any expectation. Poonam teaches yoga to her students in a natural and friendly way that it is a real pleasure. Her classes enable the development of yogic skills for all levels. She helps the students to connect positively with their body, spirituality & the world. She is committed to practice yoga as a lifelong endeavor, and she wishes to share it with as many people as possible.

Manoj Sharma

Manoj was born into a lineage and heritage of health, Yoga and spiritual teachers. He was privileged to grow up in the right settings, which paved the way for his Yoga journey. It is difficult to say when exactly the formal introduction with Yoga took place but a few childhood pictures reveal his natural inclination at an early age. He grew up listening to Bhagavad-Gita and breathing the Hindu and Yoga philosophy. His formal education of anatomy, biochemistry and physiology contributed to his deep understanding of the physical aspect of Yoga. Manoj has the natural ability to connect with people through his intuitive psychological understanding, sense of humor and his communication skills. He is an inspiring teacher and his students simply love him. Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Vedanta Ashram and YogaLife Foundation are a few of the places where he got his formal Yoga education and earned his titles as Yoga Shiromani and Yoga Acharya. Manoj dedicated a few years in innovating and developing Yoga products like nasal wash pots and eye wash cups in order to revive the forgotten and distinct practices of Yoga and Shatkarma. Since 2004, Manoj started teaching Yoga and he is continuing his journey of Yoga under the flagship of Yogalife Belgium and YogaLife Foundation India. Manoj currently lives in Belgium.

Patrick De Vleeschauwer

Patrick is psychologist with a focus on emotions and health. For many he has been working years with people who are affectively very vulnerable using the model of The Psychology of Interdependence. In 2009 his lifework De Ultieme Uitdaging (The Ultimate Challenge) was published by Ankh-Hermes in The Netherlands. A book about his search for the healthy mind as the source of the life that is universal and sustainable worth living. This book was inspired by the Mind and Life Institute; a center for dialogue between the two great empirical traditions of East and West. In the summer of 2010 Mind and Life Institute started a Center for Investigating the Healthy Mind - the main theme of his book. The book received good reviews and was selected by the Vlaamse Coaches (The Flemish Coaches) in 2010. Lately he has been working on his new manuscript De Parel van Gandhi (The Pearl of Gandhi); A book about the inner journey into the deep message of yoga. He also plans to translate the same in English. In 2008 he studied one year at The Graduate Institute of New York in Consciousness Studies. This Institute works in cooperation with The Global Shift University of Ervin Laszlo. As of now he wants to combine his lifelong experience in psychology and Yoga into Yoga Psychology Therapy. He is convinced that the ancient tools and insights of Yoga are a very powerful complement to the young scientific insights of the psychology tradition. His dream is contributing to a healthy, emotional balanced, clear minded, openhearted society through the message of Yoga.

Shweta Bhanot

As an inspiring yogini, Shweta’s calm, peaceful presence soothes all who meet her. Shweta is an inspiration to many happy yogis, who are always glad to return to her energising hatha yoga classes and workshops. In her quiet, lovely way, she keeps us all in line, since she is the backbone of Yogalife in Belgium.
Her passion for yoga originated in her childhood in India, where she practised yoga, and followed discourses from renowned gurus from a very early age. Shweta is the youngest of five children, four of whom are yoga teachers. Becoming a yoga teacher herself was a natural choice, as she has so much knowledge and understanding to share.
As a young adult, Shweta was initiated into yoga by her Guru Swami Niranjanananda. In 2011 she did the Yogalife Teacher Training Course in the inspiring surrounding of Dharamsala. Since then she has been teaching classes in New Delhi and Belgium and developing workshops about Insomnia and Sleep. Shweta is also teacher at the Yogalife TTC in Ghent and Brussels and one of the main teachers at the Antastha Yatra, a profound 10-day yoga process in Goa, India


Yogalife Assistant Teachers:

Yogalife provides the opportunity to its graduates to assist in every possible yoga teaching organised by Yogalife. The assistant teachers are the ones who have already gone through the process and help making the bridge in between the teachers and students. They are a part of the Continuous Education Program (CEP). We encourage them to grow with us and be a part of this beautiful journey. Each course will have 2 to 3 assistant teachers alongwith the main teachers.
Yogalife visiting teachers
In order to give exposure to diffrent related desciplines, Yogalife invites the guest teachers to teach one or two sessions according to their known fields and expertise. It can be in the field of Yoga or related fields. For example the last courses have experienced some lectures and tips on Shiatsu, Chavuti thirumal, refloxology, kallari and different style of Yoga from their local expert and known teachers.


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